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Prenuptial Agreements

A Pre-nuptial Agreement (often referred to as a 'pre-nup') is an agreement entered into before marriage. The purpose of a pre-nup is to decide how a couple's assets will be divided if the marriage comes to an end.

Naturally people getting married have every intention of remaining married for life. However, it is an unfortunate fact that an increasing number of marriages now end in divorce. Many couples entering into marriage these days are well aware of this and will want to take steps to reach agreement before they get married so as to avoid any arguments later should their marriage come to an end. Whilst this can seem unromantic, to many it is a way of ensuring that they will begin married life without any concerns or feelings of vulnerability about their financial future.

This is a complicated area and one where it is very important to take legal advice in order for a pre-nup to carry any weight. It is also extremely important that all negotiations surrounding the terms of your pre-nup are handled sensitively, pragmatically and professionally. All of our lawyers are experienced in these types of negotiations and have a proven track record for concluding agreements promptly with the least amount of acrimony thereby allowing the future bride and groom to focus on looking forward to their future together.

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